Why Use a Private Investigator

In particular situations, your lawyer may recommend that you hire a private investigator. This is a legal professional, also known as a private detective who specializes in investigatory law. As an inquiry agent, they are well-versed with certain legal matters and understand the best way to obtain information. They are good at collecting evidence, background checks, assisting attorneys, and locating persons and properties. It is important to find a licensed private detective with valid certification to avoid complications in the surveillance of the ongoing case. If you are facing a fraudulent or dishonest case, contacting a qualified inquiry agent can save your case from becoming worse.

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Fighting for Child Custody

A child custody battle requires you to submit admissible and compelling information. A private detective can gather facts you would normally have challenges collecting by yourself. The investigator assesses how the parent in question treats the child when they are not aware of the monitoring and submits this evidence to the court.

Locating Missing Persons

A child or a grown up individual might disappear and could be out of contact. In other instances, a spouse might run away when a divorce case is ongoing or a defendant goes missing when a lawyer needs them most. Some people intentionally avoid cases and this is where a private detective comes in to identify their current address. They do so by conducting background checks to get phone numbers and old addresses that may lead to their hideouts. In the case of missing children or parents, private eyes can help adopted kids find their biological mothers.

Marital Infidelity

It is not uncommon for spouses to seek legal help when they suspect cheating in their marriage. Because inquiry agents are very intelligent, they can accumulate substantial proof involving video footage and pictures regarding the unfaithful partner.


Company executives usually realize funds embezzlement when its loo late and it becomes hard to know who committed the crime and how. There's a need for thorough investigations to uncover the perpetrator who misrepresented data or made inappropriate payments.

Background Checks on Employees

As an employer, you must protect yourself by knowing the kind of people who work for you. This step helps to prevent hiring potential criminals with a troubling history.

Locating Property

A private investigator can conduct research on property records to analyze every asset that a person previously or currently owns. They can look into mortgage information regarding the property holdings or the transactions pertaining to the asset.